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SurgeBlog - A High performance standalone blog server.
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  • Very high performance, full featured blog server, integrated with email accounts.
  • How to install and run your own Blog Server in 5 minutes. See Setup Blog Server
  • User can create one or more BLOGs within WebEmail interface or from account self management interface.
  • Use as companion to exchange or any other email server
  • A range of blog layout templates are provided and users can switch templates at any stage.
  • Posts can contain images and other attachments.
  • Post directly to the blog using an email address with PIN, including images and other attachments.
  • Web post interface, management interface and comments interface.
  • The user can tailor the templates at various levels from simple to advanced.
  • Team system to allow teams to share a blog at various levels; posting, moderation and full management.
  • Extensive blog interface allows straight forward moderation of posts and comments.
  • The user can define various settings and add 'team members' who can also post or configure the blog
  • The blog can be regenerated with a new template set at any time.
  • Automatic archiving, visit counting, and comment structure.
  • No template parsing on view provides high performance, low impact viewing.
  • Optional thumbnails image rotation and auto image resize provides simple posting of multiple images.
  • Replace your current server with SurgeBlog/SurgeMail
  • Highly competative pricing US$570 for 1000 user license. (see surgemail prices for details)

For technical details and help see the Blog Admin Manual and the Blog User Manual.

Some of templates available, click for larger view.


Sample Screen Shot -- Blog Settings window for configuring a Blog