Mail Server Features List
Integrated Mail Server, Web Based Email and Blogging
o RFC compliant support for SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/HTTP/HTTPS
o Multi skin WebMail
o Quick and easy installation
o Users can create Blogs (multiple templates)
      o Automatic archiving  
      o SOX /archiving facilities for US compliance  
o Multiple Aliases
o Spam folder and spam administration
o Auto reply with scripting capabilities
o Delete/forward mail if older than/bigger than
o Remote self configuration
Complete Scalability
o Multiple Domain Support
      o Unlimited Users  
o High performance threaded mail engine
o Proxy server clustering support
      o NFS support without locking problems  
o New Cluster architecture avoids shared drives
Spam Control
Friends System
      o Friends, challenge-response system  
    General Control  
o SmiteSpam anti spam system
o Spam marked with special headers
o Accurate spam identification
      o Extended SPF Record support  
o Advanced Filtering Rules
o Customizable rule based spam identification
o Database of identified spam for automatic comparison
o Statistical word analysis...
o Forwarding and archiving
o Tarpitting spammers
o Spam folders
o User configurable filtering & spam measures
o Reporting
Sender Behavior Control
o Maximum messages per hour from one IP
o Maximum bad messages in a row
o Maximum simultaneous connections per IP
o Deny send, based on matching 'helo' string
o Deny send, based on sender IP
o Deny send, based MAIL FROM: envelope
o Deny send, based RCPT TO: envelope
Open Relay Database Checking
o Blacklist servers, IPs, and domains
o Whitelist servers, IPs, and domains
Virus Control
o Integrated AVAST virus scanner
o Compatible with any command line virus scanner
General Administration
o Secure, web based server administration
      o Secure, web based domain administration  
      o Secure, web based user administration  
o Full administration via HTTP Web Administrator interface
o Encrypted https connection
o Command line administration
o Bulletins to all users
  o SWatch self monitoring system  
o Extensive web based management tools
Reporting / Logging
o Accounting
o Performance monitoring
      o Message Tracking  
o Easy Troubleshooting
Server Statistics
o Message delivery
o Volume statistics
o Mail mirroring
o Connections
o Users
o Domains
o And more...
Cross Platform
o Windows - all versions
o Linux
o FreeBSD
o Solaris
o MacOSX
o And more
  Mirroring (Replication)
      o Live backup system for 100% uptime  
      o Live backup system for 'hot swapping'  
      o No downtime when moving to new geographical location  
o Use SurgeMail as a firewall for an existing server
o Optional SMS Notification- SMSGate
o Forwarding to another Email address
Interface to existing authentication databases
o Windows NT user accounts
o UNIX user accounts
o ODBC account database
o LDAP database
o MySQL accent database
o Your own proprietary system
o Look and feel
o Server Responses
o Internal Emails
Email Postage
o Centipaid system (allow administrators or users to charge for incoming Email)
Other Features
o Advanced intercept migration built in
o SSL support on all protocols
o Gateway capability
o Comprehensive redirection capabilities
o Mailing list server
o Message archiving
      o Fetch mail from other system  
      o Elaborate mail filtering rules  
o Excellent after sales service
Optional Modules
o DBabble - instant messaging, forums, and chat rooms
      o SMSGate - Text messaging  

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