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List Email Commands

DList commands are commands which the people on the lists (list subscribers) send to the list server. They are used to control which list/s a person is joined to and to allow them to make use of other functions that list offers. (Click here for info on DList config file lists.dat)

How to use list Commands:

DList commands are written in the body of a normal email message. The email message is then sent to a special email address,


For example, for a list called 'trendsetters' and a list server running on the machine '' the user would put commands within an email and send it to .

(Actual messages to be distributed to other trendsetters on the trendsetter list would just be sent to

NB: Many of DList's commands have synonym command names available. For example, instead of sending the command join the user could just send the command subscribe or even sub. Users may find it useful to use a synonym if they are using the command on other lists of which they are members.

NOTE to Moderators:

Many of the commands can take extra parameters (marked in square brackets) which are for use by list moderators. The command 'approve xxxx' should be given in the first line of a message to signify to DList that the command that follows has come from a moderator.

The commands available are:


* parameters in square brackets are for the Moderator's use, other users leave them blank


(Most commands will result in the list server emailing the user back at their 'reply' address with the required information)

help Returns the help information contained in these pages.
[approve password] join [address]

(or sub,subscribe,signon,join)

Subscribes the user to the list. Moderators can subscribe other people by specifying 'approve xxxx' where 'xxxx' is the password.
[approve password] leave [address]

(or remove,unsub,unsubscribe,signoff)

Removes the user from the list stated in 'list_name'. Moderators and users can unsubscribe other people (depending on access settings)

Unsubscribe is also detected in messages sent to the list itself as this is a common mistake users will make.


(or who,review,enumerate)

Sends a mail message to the user containing a list of all members of the list stated in the 'list_name' parameter.
lists Returns a list of the lists handled by the list server, so the user can choose the one they'd like to join.
dir Provides a list of receivable files available to users of the list 'list_name'
get <file-name>

(or send)

Sends the files requested as attachments of an email message to the user.

The User can put in as many 'file-name' parameters as needed in order to obtain all the files required.

NB: Wildcards can be used in the filename.

approve xxxxx For moderated lists, if a message contains approve 'xxxxx' on its first line the item will be accepted as if it came from the moderator. (Assuming xxxxx is the correct password as defined in lists.dat)
digest true | false If the user is set to 'digest true' they will receive all the day's messages at the end of the day in one mime message instead of as they arrive.
holiday true | false When holiday is set to true you will receive no messages.
status The sender will receive a message showing the status of the list.