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Post Installation Instructions

1. Creating a user

  • To create users, select Accounts/Lookup from the admin interface (https://yourserver:7025)
  • Enter a username and password and click on Create.

2. Test locally

  • Use the builting surgeweb to send/receive local emails  https://your.server/surgeweb
  • Use any IMAP/POP email client/app to send/receive local messages.

3. Incoming mail

  • You will need to add your MX dns entries correctly to receive email.
    • MX 10 -->
    • A --> (your ip address)
  • Turn off any firewall or enable ports 25,110,143,80,443 at least.

4. Outgoing mail

  • It should work immediately, if it doesn't check the logs for the reason, your ISP may be blocking port 25, in which case you can send via their system using a g_gateway rule, or move your server to an unrestricted place (we recommend a hosting provider like

Further configuration

If something goes wrong look at the don't panic page