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Note: You have reached the information for an older web email interface, if you are installing on a new system then you probably want to use our newer product:

Please Note: This product is FROZEN and only supported for existing customers!! New customers must use WebMail instead.


Are you looking for a server side application that will provide your mail users with web based access to their email?

No matter where they are in the world, with CWMail or DMailWeb your users can have unlimited access to their email accounts to; review existing messages, receive new messages, or to send mail. All they will require is an email account, their password and a web-capable computer.

The SUPER-Compatible solution

CWMail and DMailWeb are super-compatible with all standard POP/SMTP email server systems integrating perfectly with virtually all existing email client software packages.

Choose from...

Improving your current email system by giving users access to email via the web - in addition to their existing email client software. (Achieved with either CWMail or DMailWeb)


Provide a full-featured web-based email solution - without the need for users to install and configure ‘traditional’ email client software. (Achieved with CWMail)


A simple Web Email Interface for ISPs, designed to complement existing email servers. DMailWeb is recognised as one of the most simple, economical ways to provide effortless web email access to all users when they are away from the office. Users can check, send, process or delete email using the web browser on any computer with access to the net. Messages processed via DMailWeb are still available to be downloaded into the user's normal email client package at a later date.

DMailWeb works by interacting with normal POP and SMTP servers, and can be configured to work with current email servers in a matter of minutes.


A fully featured Corporate Web Mail System for institutions using the web as their primary method of access to email, or for ISPs wanting to provide their users with all the features one would expect of a modern email interface. This complete web-based email package allows all email processing to be handled via a web browser rather than from an email client package. This eliminates all those troublesome email client installation and setup issues in one go. Users can access their email from any web browser on any machine anywhere on the local network or internet – CWMail can even operate with WAP enabled cell phones. CWMail provides a simple, custo izable email client interface with multiple folders, pick lists and all the other facilities expected of a top of the range email system. CWMail is the email solution of choice for numerous corporations and geographically extended enterprises.

While CWMail is intended for use as a ‘stand alone’ email client, it will integrate perfectly with any existing email package.

Customer comments

"Thanks for such great products (DNews and DMailWeb) We have been more pleased with these two products in the quality, stability and usefulness than most other products that we support on our campus..."

John Carter,
Network Systems Programmer,
Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne.

"I would like to thank NetWin for their support. It gives one a good feeling to buy software that comes with very good support..."

Guy Eliav from

"This program is excellent, anyone of my customers that tried it agrees with me. Great work Netwin!"

Charles Wainer, CEO
CWTel, Inc.
1250 East Hallandale Blvd. - Suite 502
Hallandale, FL 33009

Key features of both systems

Ease of installation.

  • Effortless service provider installation, that is completed in a matter of minutes. Better still, there is no installation requirement for clients.
  • User Authentication is done against the POP3 server, adding the WebMail system does not involve any extra user database work.
  • Both products integrate seamlessly with DMail's NetAuth web interface, giving users the ability to perform routine administrative tasks such as changing their password, turning on their autoresponder, adding aliases, redirecting mail, creating their own mailing lists, etc.
  • After sales service, we pride ourselves on giving our customers unparalleled service, if you have questions, problems, or even need a feature added in a hurry we will bend over backwards to satisfy your needs.

Server end compatibility.

  • Both systems have POP3/SMTP server support for compatibility with existing mail systems.
  • Frame and non-frame support is provided to maximise compatibility with your existing site.
  • Poppassd protocol servers for both Unix and NT are available.

User end compatibility.
  • Integration with existing email systems is seamless, users will not have to give up their existing email client - either system can be selected according to the users needs at the time.
  • CWMail and DMailWeb work perfectly with MS Outlook, Netscape Mail, Eudora, Pegasus Mail, and similar email clients.
  • Mail can even be accessed with modest palm top computers, this is a real bonus for those that don't like having to lug a laptop around.

Virtually unlimited flexibility.
  • Both are completely customizable giving purchasers the ability to add their own banner ads, logos, graphics, etc. You can redesign the look of your mail interface in keeping with your corporate image, or use the fully operational templates supplied.
  • Both also have extensive foreign language support, handling numerous character sets and complying with RFC1522. We have many satisfied customers running sites in Japanese, French, Hebrew, Spanish, etc.
  • Our web mail gateways allow the setting up of fully translated sites - including everything from the login page to error messages!
  • Per user configuration includes: Full name, signature etc. for a more 'personalised' messaging service.

Virtual domain support.
  • Extensive support for virtual domains is provided. With a single copy of CWMail or DMailWeb you can create an individualised web interface for any number of virtual domains, each can even be provided with it's own template sets, quota values etc.

Mail features.
  • An email spell checker is included, a feature many of us rely heavily upon, as nothing appears more unprofessional than spelling errors in business communications.
  • A pick list of recent addresses is provided to further simplify message sending.
  • Multiple private and shared address books are provided. This allows people 'on the road' access to all the addresses they would normally have on hand at the office. This provides the 'home away from home' that busy reps and travellers really appreciate.
  • A 'Copies to Self' folder option is included to provide users with the option of recording a copy of any mail they send.
  • Images are automatically viewable in mail messages.
  • Non-image attachments can be saved to a designated disk further simplifying mail processing.
  • URL hotlinks can be followed from within received messages at a click of the mouse.
  • Files can be easily attached to any outgoing email messages without fuss.
  • A popup window can periodically check for new mail and play sound on arrival, even while the user browses other internet pages. User-friendly additions such as this are always appreciated.
  • An optional WYSIWYG editor for message creation using editlive can be used. Users can compose email in HTML with a optional WYSIWYG editor using 'editlive' for more professional looking messages.
  • MIME support is provided for both incoming and outgoing email.

Extensive support system.
  • Our usual high standard of online system administrator help is provided.
  • Purchasers will not need to create their own user manual - we have already done it for you!

Web access and security.
  • Both have built in security Password, Session and IP checking. As web access to email must be completely secure, the NetWin design team have incorporated their usual extensive security checks and measures into these products. You can assure your users that with NetWin products it is possible to have web access and security.
  • An optional cookie based auto-login is provided for speedier connections. If a user is logging on to the same box everyday, with cookie login they can choose not to enter their username and password details every time. Naturally, the selection of this option is only recommended in a secure environment.
  • Parent / Child accounts can be created giving parents control of who children can and cannot receive email from. A novel solution to a growing problem that is lacking in many comparable systems.
  • SPAM control using accept_from and reject_from lists. With a single click the user can add a sender's address to the reject list. With our filtering process, auto-reject system, and parent/child accounts your users can look forward to spam-fee mail from day one.

In addition to these features, CWMail also provides

  • Default message removal from POP host.
  • Multiple user defined folders can be used, these can be in addition to, or instead of the default ‘copies to self’ and ‘trash’ folders.
  • Multiple user defined POP hosts for users with more than one mail source.
  • Rule processing for filtering (SPAM) messages. Selected messages can be deleted, moved, copied or forwarded based on body or header string searches.
  • Disk quotas can be set for optimum management of disk space.
  • WAP/WML templates are available for use with WAP enabled cell phones adding a new dimension to your email service. This leading edge technology provides an option that more and more of your clients will be insisting upon having in the very near future.

A note on your current email server

Although operable with any server, we recommend the use of DMail (with DMailWeb) as an alternative to your current POP/SMTP servers. DMail is generally faster than other servers, particularly on UNIX systems, giving DMailWeb even better performance. In addition, with the NetAuth authentication package included with DMail, users can even create their own accounts from a web page, potentially saving hours of admin time.


DMailWeb & CWMail are supplied as a set of template html pages and a special CGI for processing these pages and interacting with the POP and SMTP servers. Our specially designed, load minimising CGI runs on your web server, you will find it compatible with any system, large or small. The templates are your key to a configurable web email system.

There are templates pages for:
  • Allowing email users to login to their email account
  • Providing a list of new mail and message processing
  • Sending a new email message
  • Reading an email message
  • Configuration and event processing
  • Address book maintenance
  • User management

All of these can be customized if required, although a number of fully working templates are provided. For examples and more detailed information please select one of the following links:

Or better still, download the free trial version and see for yourself how easy it is to set up and use these great products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Are you sick of buying software and then finding it doesn't do what you want, or doesn't even work! We stand behind our software, if you are not satisfied with the product, performance or customer support we will refund 100% of your purchase price.