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CWMail and WML/WAP Support

With version 2.4f and later CWMail/Dmailweb can be used with cellphones and other WAP/WML devices. These devices talk to the CWMail cgi via a wap server and gateway. In addition a customized set of CWMail templates and ini settings are required to ensure wml rather than html is served and the various limits of the wap/wml devices are enforced. A sample ini file and template set are provided with the CWMail distribution set. These files are prefixed with wml_

Normally users would be provided with both normal browser access to their email accounts and wap/wml access via a cell phone or similar device. You can either setup a completely separate copy of CWMail with a different name and its own ini setting or use a vhost section in the main ini file and a second web address to serve content to wml devices. The template files for wml have the extension .wml instead of .tpl An example ini file for use with wml is provided and a set of wml templates.

For the first option after first downloading and setting up CWMail take the following steps:

copy cwmail.exe \inetpub\scripts\wml.exe Make a copy of cgi to use for wml requests
copy wml.ini \inetpub\scripts Copy ini file into same directory as cgi
notepad \inetpub\scripts\wml.ini Edit ini file to enter your settings - mostly these can be taken from cwmail.ini

Notes on use with Nokia 7110:

  1. A wml_page_size of 5 seems ok. 6 produces pages to large for phones memory - obviously this depends on detail shown in the message list and other data and controls contained in the list.wml page
  2. Setting body_limit in login page using onevent hangs 7110 so same code is used in list.wml instead - strange.
  3. body_limit variable in forms changed to wbl as its shorter and cant afford long names that are used in lists :-)