This is a CGI program that collects information that a user has submitted in a web page form, and then emails it to someone, and optionally can CC to another address. This could be used for collecting information, or for help requests or bug reports etc...


Please read this page, it should contain everything you need to know about setting up EasyForm, only then if you still cannot figure it out, you should email your problem, explaining exactly how you have it set up to

Free Software

Yes, we do not charge for the use of this software. You may copy and distribute it as you wish. As such, it comes with no guarantee of any sort. If you find any bugs, please report them to as we do like to have bug free programs :-)

Download file
Windows NT, 2000, XP ... (Intel x86) easyform.exe
Linux libc6 (Intel x86) easyform.tar.gz

UNIX Install Notes:

gunzip easyform.tar.gz
tar -xvf easyform.tar
./easyform.cgi -install

Windows Install Notes:

Run the self extracting archive.

What you will need to edit by hand.

The installer should create all the files you need to make it work, once it's working (and not before) then tailor the form and settings for your requiremens, here are the files you will need to edit and their default places (on windows when used with SurgeMail, it will work with any web server though, e.g. IIS or apache)

File Description
c:\surgemail\scripts/easyform.ini Main ini file, specify the form fields you want sent in the email message, and the destination address and mail server etc.
c:\easyform/failed.htm Web page shown if the email cannot be sent or if fields are missing
c:\easyform/sent.htm Web page shown when email is sent ok
c:\surgemail\www/easyform.htm Web page that has the sample form, you can use any html editor to add more fields and make it look pretty.
c:\surgemail\scripts/easyform.exe The actual binary.


More problems?

Are you getting 404 or 405 errors when you click on the Submit button? The 404 means that the easyform.exe file is not where you thought it was. You'll need to check that the "action" variable inside the "<form>" tag is pointing at the right file, and that the file is in the right place.
The 405 error means that the post cant be sent to the easyform.exe file, because it either has the wrong permissions set on it (unix only problem so far), or that the web server doesnt think that that particular directory is valid for executable files, in this case you need to find the right directory, and put the easyform files there, or consult your web server documentation to see how you are supposed to have cgi compiled script files run.

Once you have done this, the form would contain the variables "Name:". "Email:", "Interests:".
These must be specified in the ini file if you wish them to be included in the email.

Ini file settings

There must be no spaces before an ini file setting, one space after it, and the value for the setting goes directly after that space.

Setting Example Description
host Use to specify smtp server, e.g. "smtp"
store_fields name,email,question Specify the form fields you wish to send in your email
from_field email Use this field as the from header in the message
bounce you@your.domain This must be your own email address, this is the bounce envelope used when sending the email to you.
to you@your.domain

The destination address for the email.

cc friend@your.domain This address will also receive a copy of the message
subject Message from web This defines the subject of the email message.
work c:\easyform Specify a path where easyform can write it's log file and any working files it needs.