News Feeds

The first place to contact is your local ISP, or connection provider. Due to the volume of news it is A LOT more efficient to get a feed from the place you are connected to, rather than a site half way around the world.

However, some connection providers do not provide any news feed. Others won't allow any sucking news feeds. This is usually an historical decision because of the problems that other suck type feeds have, and confusion between these and the DNews dynamic sucking feed. In this case, you will often find all your provider needs is the assurance that DNews dynamic sucking feed works on an entirely different design and does not have any of the disadvantages of the old suck mechanisms supported by other servers. In fact, providing DNews sucking feeds is more economical for the provider and delivers a number of inherent advantages :-)

The following is a list of places we have found which will provide these services. Almost all of these people charge for the service they provide. Some of these services are limited to customers connected to their network.

Sites which allow you to suck Usenet news

Sites which will provide a traditional Usenet news feeds

Sites which will provide a real-time news service (electronic news paper) accessing stories from some the world's most respected newswires.


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ClariNews is a cost-effective, real-time news feed that carries over 2,500 stories a day from respected news bureaux like Reuters, UPI and AFP. It is delivered as a series of 5000 newsgroups using the NNTP protocol. ClariNews is the ideal, inexpensive add-on to an organizations intranet, as a news service for ISPs,or as a source of news for an individual.

If you would like to be added to this list, please let us know.

News Service Providers and the Dynamic Sucking Feed:

Selling News Feeds is another area of business DNews is impacting and has received an enthusiastic response. As understanding of the dynamic feed option has grown, sellers of news feeds who initially responded to customer demand for the dynamic sucking feed access have realized that with their current systems and investment in bandwidth, disk space and management overhead they can support significantly more DNews servers using the dynamic sucking feed than they can conventional full feeds.

This is because the DNews dynamic sucking feed:

A. Puts a much smaller load on the news machine:

DNews News servers dynamic sucking feed (unlike other suck type feeds) won't overload their news system. In fact, its advanced design means it requires significantly less network bandwidth and CPU time than a full feed. So it will allow the provider to support many more feeds with their current set up.

B. Trivial to Setup

Providing access for DNews to suck news is trivial to setup, unlike setting up a full feed. DNews does not require anything unusual, it sucks via the standard NNTP protocol. All it needs is 'news reader' access, e.g. the access required by a normal PC news reader program. So all the provider does is enable news reader access to their customers IP address. No more long drawn out phone conversations trying to get both ends working...

C. No ongoing management:

Providing DNews suck feeds requires no ongoing management, unlike full feeds where a problem on their customers system means they need to get involved and if their customer wants to change what they're reading again the provider needs to get involved. .