SMSGate License

There are several SMSGate licence choices based on a maximum number of email accounts / users sending SMS messages through SMSGate:

User Limit
Email support and upgrades (free for first 12 months)
Upgrades insurance only (free for first 12 months)

You will also need to aquire a GSM Modem. SMSGate development and testing was done with this make/model of modem "Wavecom WMOD2B GSM Modem". We do not gaurantee it will work with any other brand of modem!. Most GSM modems cost around US$500 to US$600 though that is a rough estimate as with anything depending on make, model and features you can pay just about anything.

Our tests show a performance of approx 500/hour mixed send/receive with the Wavecom WMOD2B GSM Modem.

Please contact to purchase support