This page provides a starting point for the templates that can be used with Surgemail and Webmail. Some of the templates are fully maintained and supported and others are no longer being updated or have been modified by customers themselves who would rather keep the IP of their changes.

SurgeMail makes use of template to allow full customisation of the look and feel of the product. This is obviously primarily for customised WebMail webmail look and feel but can also be used with the user management and administration templates.


Panel, Surge and Smooth : Fully featured, latest template sets that have support for the latest multilanguage features of webmail, the latest antispam features and remain fully supported and updated. These are supplied and installed with the latest version of surgemail. It is highly recommended that one of these template sets is used or a custom template set is used based on one of these.



XHtml : Very basic template set, particularly suitable for simple clients such as mobile devices and PDAs. This template set is available for download upon request.


Marble, Iconic and Vanilla : Older templates which have not been updated to support latests surgemail and webmail features and have a somewhat out of date "look and feel". These are still available for download upon request and were previously supplied as part of the webmail standalone distribution.



Customer modified templates : Many customers have given the webmail templates their own look and feel or have even written their complete own template sets. For some examples see:



If you are willing to share your template set or have any questions please let us know by sending us an email at or