SurgeMail Change History (older)

For recent release versions of surgemail see the recent surgemail change history page.

SurgeMail 1.8g3 25-March-2004

  • Spool path allowing SurgeMail to send dropped files as email (g_spool_path)
  • New settings (g_delete_user_mode, g_user_alias_file)
  • SurgePlus calendar and filesharing (fully functional but still beta)
  • Fix: Memory corruption bug causing sporadic random crashes on SSL conections
  • Fix: Vpipe restart bug on timeout
  • Fix: Further fix to new na_exceptions web page
  • Fix: Minor memory leak
  • Fix: Proxy mode fix
  • Fix (1.8g2): WebMail autologin fix for non default vdomains using custom quick login method
  • Fix (1.8g2): Alias creation bug
  • Fix (1.8g3): Hopefully final fix to WebMail autologin. (Rolled back logic to that of previous release builds)
  • Fix (1.8g3): Reports page broken on UNIX systems
  • Fix (1.8g3): Bug in SurgePlus that could sporadically crash SurgeMail on display of SurgePlus web pages

SurgeMail 1.8e 11-March-2004

  • Additional "build number" added to version information to uniquely identify surgemail builds
  • # character on first line of surgemail (not webmail) templates means comment
  • Unmonitorable mail blocked by Avast by default (to allow use g_virus_allow_unmonitorable)
  • Fix: Delete user removes the user form all mailing lists
  • Fix: Mirror tidyup in logging of email actions in users log files

SurgeMail 1.8d 9-March-2004

  • Web based Queue handling / delete / retry etc
  • User.cgi exceptions forward and bounce with reason ability
  • Additional old_pophost migration setting (g_fallback_relay_if_exists)
  • Fix: Sporadic memory corruption crashes
  • Fix: Global / domain exceptions actually listed in order processed
  • Fix: Autogenerated g_server_name entries based on url_host no longer overwrite existing entries

SurgeMail 1.8b3 4-March-2004

  • Fix: Crash on aspam message training
  • Fix (1.8b2): User.cgi autologin broken (fixed again)
  • Fix (1.8b2): Aspam URL scoring was broken
  • Fix (1.8b2): Aspam now installed as default antispam scanner (as opposed to SmiteCRC - which is still fully supported)
  • Fix (1.8b3): Rollback pre-release version of na_exceptions.htm template

SurgeMail 1.8a 25-February-2004

  • Enhanced (and much faster) Report page
  • Allow the use of return codes from g_virus_cmd virus scanners (g_virus_cmd_codes)
  • Options to control the content of your periodic account log message.
  • New version available indicator on status page
  • Aspam test and training page in web admin interface
  • SMTP verify option (g_verify_smtp)
  • Searchable and sorted by date friends pending / spam pending etc lists
  • Allow relay based on authent return code (lookup_relay_on_from)
  • Dumping of pstat statistics to text file "tellmail pstat_dump" (for import to excel)
  • Improved slightly odd behavior in places of web admin interface
  • Fix: Browser image caching fixed - makes webmail use much faster!! :-)
  • Fix: Allow SSL certificate creation to work with Microsoft CA
  • Fix: Migration bug that resulted in duplicate messages and failure to create account if first login was IMAP and account was being migrated using old_pophost
  • Fix: Migration bug that allowed IMAP migration to lose all message flags
  • Fix: Bottom left hand navigation pane links not working if clicked while surgemail was not running (IE only)
  • Fix: Several minor friends confirmation message fixes and enhancements
  • Fix: Timezone information displayed incorrectly in received headers in 0 to +9 timezone
  • Fix: IMAP fixes
  • Fix: Improved shutdown behaviour
  • Fix: High loading mutex timeout crash.

SurgeMail 1.7b3 4-February-2004

  • Fix: Aspam functionality improved
  • Fix: Mirrorring crash bug (introduced in 1.7a)
  • Fix: Solaris_x86 only crash bug when doing log file searches
  • Fix: Installer waits until surgemail has fully shutdown (was sometimes failing file copy on first upgrade attempt)
  • Fix (1.7b2): User.cgi blank pages displayed for non admin users (introduced 1.7a)
  • Fix (1.7b3): Aspam file update, crash and occasional incorrect match

SurgeMail 1.7a 27-January-2004

  • ASpam more accurate and efficient antispam system
  • New more accurate and efficient quota handling
  • Ability to limit bounce message size (g_bounce_limit)
  • Integrated fprot antivirus support (g_virus_fprot)
  • Option to have spam store / friends pending folder part of / not part of quota (g_xxx)
  • IMAP folder renaming also renames subfolders
  • Mailing list administration for domain administrators
  • User domain defaults administration for domain administrators
  • Fix: Mirrorring of dlist subscribe.lst file

SurgeMail 1.6e2 9-January-2004

  • Fix: Memory leak in sending of friends status messages
  • Fix: Deletion of some necessary files files in the surgemail directory (only happens under certain circumstances and only affects unix versions, if nwauth is used and mirrorring is enabled)
  • Fix: Account "Access Group" information no longer applied if no g_acces_group rules defined
  • Fix: Improved handling of mirrorring (in particular dlist subscribe.lst mirrorring)
  • Fix: Improved handling of very large numbers of messages in inbox (30000+ messages)
  • Fix: Improved handling of friends bounce messages

SurgeMail 1.6e 23-December-2003

  • Domain specific footer file based on from envelope (footer_file)
  • Account creation check disable when using old_pophost / old_imaphost (old_smtphost, old_smtphost_skip)
  • Fix: Linux memory fragmentation under heavy load fix
  • Fix: Sporaric surgemail crash in user cgi processing

SurgeMail 1.6d 17-December-2003

  • Allow intercept migration mail to be left on old server (old_pophost_nodelete, old_imaphost_nodelete)
  • Per user enabling and serverwide configurable subject marking of spam (g_spam_subject_word)
  • Latest version of webmail (version v3.1d build 6)
  • User account aliases with quotas (g_user_alias, g_user_alias_file)
  • Per user quotas for sending sms messages
  • Fix: Sporadic web page corruption (particularly noticable in navigation pane)
  • Fix: Several cases where intercept migration failed prematurely (eg on messages with no body)
  • Fix: Save on domains page takes long with high cpu usage (surgemail/web_work/surgehost.ini was getting excessively large)

SurgeMail 1.6b 28-November-2003

  • Allow users to import all mail from external POP / IMAP accounts
  • Optional automatic domain dropdown for webmail and user cgi (g_user_domainlist, domain_select)
  • New version of webmail (3.1c build 11) with simplified options pages in panel template set
  • Fix: Quota in quota.txt file drift issue fixed
  • Fix: Webmail panel template horizontal alignment issue in Opera browser
  • Fix: Some minor imap issues fixed

SurgeMail 1.6a 19-November-2003

  • Configurable signup emails (signup_user.eml and signup_manager.eml)
  • Allow users to create aliases (g_user_alias_file, g_user_alias, user_alias)
  • Additional spam control settings (g_black_*, g_verify_*, g_spam_subject_gateway, g_spam_allow_recent, g_spam_check_auth, g_from_bounce, g_from_stamp,)
  • Minor changes in account status / spam hold mechanism and notification emails
  • Additional gateway settings ( g_gateway_always, g_gateway_ifnot)
  • Run late mfilter at local delivery time (g_user_mfilter)
  • New version of webmail (3.1b build 45)
  • New miscellaneous settings ( g_from_timeout, g_filter_max, g_drop_use_len, g_filter_max, g_create_allow_pass)
  • Allow footers to be attached to outbound messages only (g_footer_send)
  • Fix: Web admin interface javascript issues on OSX Safari and IE browsers
  • Fix: IMAP intercept mode upgrade some fixes (of note on a few mailservers upgrade would complete if empty folder encountered - Mailsite in particular)
  • Fix: IMAP OE fix that would display error if folder was emtied by another mail client
  • Fix: Windows98 slow response time issue fixed
  • Fix: Self signed certificates now work on OSX browsers - certificates need to be regenerated

SurgeMail 1.5f 31-October-2003

  • Global and per domain defaults user setting now available
  • Redesigned status summary information (includes a variety of additional information such as migrated users, free disk space, etc)
  • Advanced log file searching capabilities
  • Support for intermediate SSL certificates (eg. as issued by COMODO)
  • Certificate Signing Request generation / certificate management through admin web interface
  • Easier tracking of spam bounces (Msg.rec contain spam ratings, bounce message contains queue id)
  • Ability to set retry hours per domain (g_retry_rules)
  • Delivery time filter like g_filter_pipe (g_user_pipe)
  • Improved surgemail catching of messages that are not correctly processed by AVAST
  • Fix: Queue file backlogs would not be properly processed sometimes
  • Fix: Mirrorring now smarter in the way it propagates updates
  • Fix: User cgi pages fail to autologin back to webmail
  • Fix: Correct determination of system directory on Windows 2003 multiuser systems
  • Fix: Display of pending stored messages due to filename truncation
  • Fix: Correct handling of the avast installation dll during surgemail upgrades
  • Fix: IMAP folders staying locked if using the BAT mail client with IMAP

SurgeMail 1.5d2 9-October-2003

  • Latest SSL libraries
  • Fix: IMAP memory leak
  • Fix: Duplicate UIDL fix

SurgeMail 1.5d 1-October-2003

  • Ability to set log file size (g_log_size)
  • Ability to specify AVAST update times (g_virus_avast_hour)
  • Fix: Security fix
  • Fix: Added workaround to fix IE status bar failing to recognise full document is downloaded (sometimes)
  • Fix: Improved recovery of AVAST failing to update engine and spam database
  • Fix: Web admin save of domain settings save lost surgewall setting
  • Fix: Minor IMAP fix of specific attachment corruption
  • Fix: Bulletins not delivered to subdomain accounts

SurgeMail 1.5c 24-September-2003

  • Ability to specify specific ip's and ports for surgewall mode
  • Fix: 100% CPU loop that occurred if one of several redirect_cc's failed (introduced post 1.4b)
  • Fix: Status page message count "unsent yet" inaccuracy
  • Fix: OSX mail client was not displaying some IMAP messages properly
  • Fix: IMAP proxying in surgewall mode
  • Fix: default domain quota was being used for vdomains

SurgeMail 1.5b 19-September-2003

  • Quite a few changes in the web admin user administration pages
  • Exception rules are now external to Friends and Spam system
  • Latest version of webmail (version 3.1a build 8)
  • Access defaults for users not in any g_access_groups (user_access_default, g_user_access_default)
  • Smitecrc is more efficient in memory use
  • Domain admins can now send bulletins
  • Fix: Automatic correction to surgemail key login if smitecrc smitespam login details are incorrect
  • Fix: Several crashing bugs removed (primarily solaris affected)

SurgeMail 1.5a 9-September-2003

  • Vipe now autodisables vpipe if it has three errors in a row (unless g_virus_filter_require is set to true)
  • Add spam headers to body changed from boolean to numeric spamdetect rating
  • Add more options to the Friends/Spam exception rules (still in friends page - will be moved from here)
  • Modified the way the surgemail release numbering scheme is used (no functional surgemail changes)
  • Ability to limit the max number of emails a user may send in 30 minute period (send_limit=n in authent response)
  • Fix: Report page broken on unix platforms on the first 9 days of the month
  • Fix: File permissions issue on upgrade - primarily OSX but could affect other unix platforms
  • Fix: Access permissions in "Access type" were overridden by "Account Status"
  • Fix: Webmail now provides more informative error messages if the login fails due to access limits
  • Fix: If friends rule had no * or ?, and had a trailing space rules would incorrectly match
  • Fix: Empty folders created properly for old_imaphost migration + migration on linux fixed
  • Fix: Several fixes in smitecrc and the way smitecrc is run
  • Fix: Bounce messages if workarea full - previously under some conditions blank messages were sent
  • Fix: Fixed error handling in surgemail if AVAST setiface.dll is corrupted (would deadlock surgemail)

SurgeMail 1.4c 2-September-2003

  • CentiPaid micro payment system.
  • Web admin now "remembers" domain you are working on.
  • Low disk warning notifying admin if work paths or mail delivery paths fall below this level (g_low_disk)
  • Auto responder options to respond always/once a month/once ever to each user.
  • Disable accounts / delete user after period of inactivity (g_disable_smtp_after, g_delete_user_after)
  • Cookies allowing automatic login to web admin interface
  • Web admin asks for confirmation before deleting domains and users
  • Fix: Domain admin redirect + redirect_cc pages allow one of multiple domains to be selected and fixed surgemail crash
  • Fix: Various fixes to old_imaphost intercept mode migration (was significantly broken)
  • Fix: Search for particular email in webmail
  • Fix: Bug in spam held messages that meant that no status message was being sent out and old spam was not being purged
  • Fix: Bug in friends systems that meant the friends report email continued to grow
  • Fix: DNS failover to other dns server if one is broken (was not working correctly)
  • Fix: Web admin now shows system/domain administrators stored messages rather than their own.
  • Fix: Solaris only issue that ?????? was being sent as from/to addresses when using IMAP.
  • Fix: Several problems running surgemail on Win 9x systems.
  • Fix: Path issue with dlist
  • Fix: Several instability issues fixed

SurgeMail 1.4b 15-July-2003

  • Latest version of webmail including updated spam settings templates
  • Added DNS translation (g_dns_translate)
  • Improved per channel connection statistics
  • Fix: Several AVAST related bug fixes
  • Fix: Minor friends system bug fixes
  • Fix: Minor user spam system bug fixes
  • Fix: Web admin UI bug introduced 1.4a

SurgeMail 1.4a 30-June-2003

  • Installer rollback functionality (run "surgemail -rollback" on command line)
  • AVAST antivirus integration (windows only and needs to be purchased separately)
  • Improvements to surgewall
  • Per user virus / spam / other filter enabling and disabling
  • Allow quota warnings to be disabled (g_quota_warning_disable)
  • Forward and reverse dns lookup check (g_dns_paranoid)
  • Additional gateway features (g_auth_skipgateway, g_gateway_auth, g_local_skipgateway)
  • Additional spam settings (g_spam_vanish, g_spam_vanish_all - similar to g_spam_bounce settings)
  • Early (prior to filters) message archival (g_archive_early)
  • Fix: Account status bug fixed (introduced 1.3d)
  • Fix: Drift in quota processing fixed
  • Fix: Per user spam filtering was badly broken
  • Fix: Several Friends fixes
  • Fix: Variety of minor fixes

SurgeMail 1.3l 10-June-2003

  • New webmail version (3.0x)
  • Addition of g_authent_always, g_domain_default, g_friends_confirm_subject settings.
  • Fix: Domain web admin page has all missing settings (surgewall and old_imaphost*)
  • Fix: "Delete original message" disabled by default when forwarding / using responder
  • Fix: Several of IMAP protocol RFC compliance fixes

SurgeMail 1.3k 30-May-2003

  • Surgewall feature - the ability to place surgemail as a filter "in front" of an existing mailserver to apply friends rules, spam filtering, virus scanning (see domain setting surgewall)
  • IMAP intercept mode migration (see old_imaphost_*)
  • Friends settings improved
  • Mailbox manipulation rules in user account management
  • Domain admins can modify users' friends and spam settings
  • Stop accepting mail for accounts that have not been accessed for certain time (g_disable_smtp_after )
  • Allow retry period to be set (g_retry_bounces)
  • Improved handling of excessive invalid logins
  • All multivalue settings are now ordered
  • Fix: Bug that messages were sometimes bounced if received within 1 minute of pop login (introduced 1.3j)
  • Fix: IMAP Allow subfolders in Outlook Express + several minor folder update issues
  • Fix: minor IMAP quota bug
  • Fix: Bug that first Friends email was sometimes not delivered

SurgeMail 1.3j 10-May-2003

  • Ability to search for administration settings
  • Allow old_pophost to be checked subsequent to first login (old_pophost_always)
  • Additional control over user cache (g_authent_cache size, g_authent_cachebad)
  • New tarpit setting (g_tarpit_badrcpt)
  • Tailorable Quota 80%, Quota reached, and bounce messages (warning.eml, quota.eml, failed.eml files)
  • Automatic daylight savings timezone identification for "Received" headers
  • Web admin interface changes to more effectively handle large numbers of domains
  • Fix: Account quota file gets automatically rebuilt to prevent incorrect quota limit messages
  • Fix: Automatically removes trailing spaces from 'mail from' envelopes
  • Fix: Additional header linefeed(if headers over 2kB and packet broken on cr/lf boundary)
  • Fix: Variety of minor fixes

SurgeMail 1.3i 30-April-2003

  • Ability to search for administration settings
  • Display users' quota in administration interface
  • Allow virus scanning to be enabled on per user basis (g_user_virus_scan)
  • Allow server side storing of suspected spam messages (see user's spam settings)
  • Allow url aliases (url_alias)
  • Fix: Under certain conditions swatch would not restart surgemail
  • Fix:Add missing contents template files

SurgeMail 1.3h 28-April-2003

  • Fix:Bug in g_ssl_per_domain preventing surgemail startup if set.

SurgeMail 1.3g 24-April-2003

  • Frame driven administration interface
  • Added quota warning message at 80% quota and limit message at 100% quota
  • Cutom smitecrc spam detect filters using local.rul file (see filter.dat for rule syntax)
  • Addition of arbitrary message scanning (g_scan_*) (equivalent of dmail process command)
  • Addition of cc forward based on from address (g_forward_from_cc)
  • Valid recipient check on from envelope (g_badfrom_check, g_badfrom_stamp)
  • Spambot is now part of distribution
  • Fix: Several friends system fixes + features (add g_friends_ignore, only new entries in report, 1st email delivery correct for automatically add new addresses)
  • Fix: Corruption of webmail surghost.ini when settings of existing domain saved in surgemail admin interface
  • Fix: Timezone in Received header changes correctly with daylight savings time
  • Fix: Trailing spaces in delivery address stripped before attempted delivery
  • Fix: Memory leak
  • Fix: Virus command (g_virus_cmd) crash on bounce containing virus and certain attachments not being deleted

SurgeMail 1.3f 2-April-2003

  • Fix: Some user account management actions causing crash (introduced for 1.3e)
  • Fix: Friends message uses correct email address in text
  • Fix: Sporadically swatch could fail to restart surgemail (windows only)
  • Fix: Smitecrc excessive CPU usage (introduced for 1.3e)

SurgeMail 1.3e 28-Mar-2003

  • Force smite headers to be added to all mail going through server (g_smite_all)
  • Allow custom smite filter rules through the use of #include "local.rul" in filter.dat.
  • Allow sender ip to be specified in reported ORBS stamp messages (use ||remoteip|| )
  • Authent cache lifetime setting (g_authent_cachelife)
  • Manager approved account create without further user validation (when users do not have prior email address)
  • Smart updating of surgemail administration web templates
  • New version of Webmail (3.0u build 25)
  • Fix: Installation of missing webmail executable (introduced for 1.3d)
  • Fix: Conversion of drop files was losing first line of headers
  • Fix: Sporadic webmail CPU loop

SurgeMail 1.3d 20-Mar-2003

  • Per user options for SmiteSpam system
  • Addition of original recipient and authenticated user headers
  • Allow smite headers to be added to gatewayed mail
  • Allow old_pophost to be used to retrieve mail if user already in local database (old_pophost_iffirst)
  • Allow webmail to autologin when running on a different server from surgemail
  • Allow exceptions to g_con_perip (g_con_perip_except)
  • Allow access group membership based on arbitrary authentication module fields (g_group_field)
  • Allow mfilter to be applied to local files only (g_mfilter_localonly)
  • Web UI tidyup
  • Fix: Freebsd stack overflow problems (random crashes)
  • Fix: Fixes to the IP failover system
  • Fix: Incorrect date display
  • Fix: Run mfilter over pop_fetched mail
  • Fix: Improved log file handling
  • Fix: Removal of several obscure bugs that could cause surgemail crashes and apparent lockups

SurgeMail 1.3c 18-Feb-2003

  • Queue analysis
  • Improved smitecrc integration
  • New version of webmail
  • Mfilter rules reloaded with test command or tellmail reload
  • Fix: DNS issues that were slowing large systems
  • Fix: Variety of stability fixes

SurgeMail 1.3b 24-Jan-2003

  • Addition of multiple orbs services (g_orbs_list)
  • Can force all users to use ssl but still allow plain smtp delivery (g_ssl_require_login)
  • Ability to disable primary web interface
  • Added IMAP SSL capability (dedicated port + STARTTLS)
  • Easier configuration if host name is not the same as domain (eg host =
  • Fix: Attachment matching in dmail dfilters
  • Fix: Crash on several strange message syntax issues

SurgeMail 1.3a_rc1 14-Jan-2003 (Production release 1.3a on 24-Jan-2003)

  • Extensive server upgrade and migration support
  • Ability to block and name translate attachments
  • mfilter improved logging and fixed several minor bugs
  • Fix: IMAP folders properly displayed by MS Outlook
  • Fix: Variety of minor issues

SurgeMail 1.2c 3-Dec-2002

  • Allow non local addresses be added to mailing list using web admin interface
  • Use url_host (if defined) in per vdomain ssl certificates
  • Fix: Problems with subdomain delivery
  • Fix: Variety of minor issues including

  • - Links in domains page of admin interface
    - Single link in account creation confirmation email
    - Keep correct access privileges when resetting administration password

SurgeMail 1.2b 13-Nov-2002

  • Improved delivery log file flexibility (see g_log_path, g_record_path, g_record_days)
  • Improved Friends system: Customisable naming, cusomisable kids-only mail, fixed several bugs
  • Skip virus & crc check (by IP) for known safe bulk mailouts (g_vpipe_skip)
  • Additional spam prevention settings (g_tarpit_blackhole, g_con_persubnet, g_tarpit_drop, g_tarpit_max, g_tarpit_max_remote)
  • Automatic SSL certificate generation on demand, and per vdomain SSL certificates
  • Web admin : feature additions and minor fixes
  • Allow monitor to be disabled
  • Allow mail server name to be different from domain name for user account management (g_server_name, url_host )
  • Upgrade installs will optionally update surgemail and webmail template files
  • Fix: Possible message loss if g_virus_cmd virus checker is used (if you use g_virus_cmd you MUST upgrade immediately)
  • Fix: Several user account management fixes including admin password on mail verification, list mailbox
  • Fix: Several bugs in web based mailing lists administration

SurgeMail 1.2a 22-Oct-2002 (only released as beta)

  • Allow individual surgemail subsystems to be disabled
  • Webmail license key integrated into surgemail
  • Attachment filename translation
  • Tidier ini file handling
  • New version of Webmail
  • Fix: Show messages not displayed by some imap clients
  • Fix: Handle leak under certain conditions if user over quota
  • Fix: Hide surgemail path in SMTP error on user over quota
  • Fix: Only ouput over quota message a single time in logs
  • Fix: Minor web admin changes

SurgeMail 1.1d 11-Oct-2002

  • Fix: Issue adding friends to friends system
  • Fix: Sporadic ini file corruption upon web based administration (introduced version 1.0d)

SurgeMail 1.1c 7-Oct-2002

  • Fix: subdomain delivery loop (introduced in version 1.1a)

SurgeMail 1.1b 4-Oct-2002

  • Fix setting of authentication modules keeps settings
  • Fix IMAP timeout when sending in mail
  • Fix broken Report Refresh
  • Fix broken delete accounts in NWAuth

SurgeMail 1.1a 30-Sep-2002

  • Complete support for Friends + SmiteSpam in web admin UI
  • Extended reporting facility
  • Addition of startstop.log file
  • More comprehensive manual
  • Improved install + upgrading + uninstall
  • Improved server mirrorring
  • NetAuth enhancements
  • Fix: Login with failed password cached making local delivery fail
  • Fix: Swatch settings changes does not require surgemail restart
  • Fix: Sporadic NetAuth password Q&A field corruption
  • Fix: Sporadic Surgemail crash upon IMAP access
  • Variety of minor bug fixes and enhancements

SurgeMail 1.0d 9-Sep-2002

  • Integration of SmiteSpam antispam system
  • Integration of Friends antispam system
  • Automatic identification of domains for user account administration
  • Group based access control to POP, IMAP,SMTP
  • Account status control
  • Archiving of all received messages
  • Addition of several new configuration options
  • FreeBSD webmail issue, Windows tellmail issue
  • Continued minor bug fixing

SurgeMail 1.0c 15-Aug-2002

  • First production release build
  • Updates have been made to many areas recently, so please upgrade to 1.0c at a convenient time as a baseline. Recent changes include:
  • Help system now updated
  • OpenSSL integration complete for all platforms
  • Fixes in mirrorring code
  • Fixes in SpamAssassin integration (g_filter_pipe)
  • High end server proxy mode support