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Simple Web Based Administration

SurgeFTP is designed for ease of management. It's integrated web interface allows you to easily modify any setting. It includes a built-in report generator, a log file searcher, and methods of limiting users. It is easily configurable with online help:- just click on the setting name to find out information about it.

The web admin tool allows you to monitor and configure any aspect of SurgeFTP.


The logging form will show you the tail of the main server log file, the log of FTP protocol commands for that domain, or any of the other logs. In addition, you can search each log to find specific details from the entire log, all remotely.

Unlimited Virtual Domains

The server has built-in support for any number of virtual domains, and user classes (groups of users with common settings). Simply define the IP address and name of each domain and the server will respond to that domain. Make sure that you add a user class with "real users" or "anonymous users" so that users can log into that domain. All settings can be tailored for each domain.