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WebDav Support - Feature discontinued.

(This feature is best not used)

If enabled each email user gains access to a WebDav area on the server, this can be used to:

  • Share files
  • Publish small static web sites
  • Generic network storage/backup
  • Import/export calenders from some applications (e.g. thunderbird)
  • You can mount this network area as a drive in windows (using 'webdrive' software)
  • Use for iphone applications etc that require a webdav area.
  • (Note webdav is NOT caldav, so it does not currently support specialized calendar sharing operations)

How to enable WebDav support:
  • Upgrade to the latest release (4.2e-25 or later)
  • Add these settings to surgemail.ini
    • g_webdav_enable "true"
    • g_webdav_path "c:\surgemail\webdav"
    • g_webdav_public "true"

How the user accesses their webdav directory


Use the following urls, and the user will be prompted for their normal email password, their email quota will also apply to their webdav folders!



A 'port' may be needed if you have the webmail port defined as 7080, e.g.


If the g_webdav_public setting is enabled then your PUBLIC files can be stored in a directory


and this will be visible to anyone via a url of this form:


Note: this only allows the display of static pages, it doesn't support cgi/perl or any other server scripting. (It does permit browser based scripting, e.g. javascript)


If you wish to control access to this feature on a user/domain level then define "g_webdav_group "true" then define the domain level setting: access_group_default "webdav" or add userdb field mailaccess="webdav" Which allows you to enable webdav on a user or domain based level.

Applications that can make use of webdav. Most are not free!

  • (Tested) WebDrive (allows you to map a drive in windows)
  • (Tested,Free) Windows built in WebDav mini-redirector (see notes and warnings)
  • (Tested,Free) Thunderbird (allows you to send your calendar file to a shared area)
  • Super Flexible File Synchronizer 4.76 (shareware)
  • GoodSync (backup utility)
  • (Tested) IPhone DAV-E
  • (many others, please let me know good examples you come across)


Windows WebDav mini redirector / mapping a drive, bugs, issues...


To put it mildly, the built in windows webdav client is a piece of junk :-). But it can be made to work, try the following magic incantations:

  • Install the hot patch from microsoft if applicable to your system.
  • Connect by selecting 'map drive' then use the HTTPS address of your server
  • Ensure surgemail is listening on port 443 so no port is needed.
  • You may need to apply this

Or if you would rather not have the hassle, pay the $40 for webdrive :-)

Some known bugs with the windows redirector are listed here: